Free Madden 20 Coins tips

In today’s free Madden 20 Coins tips, we’ll introduce an RPO that combines a very effective running style with a sloped back route.

If our opponent is over the right side of the field, we can quickly throw at the X / square receiver on the poe .

Let’s delve into it.

Script: Baltimore Raven

Formation: Pistol Strong

Play: Stretch Alert X Lookie

Setup: None required


  1. Lookie route to the outside WR
  2. Hand the ball off to the RB

Overview: This is a more effective form of RPO found in Madden 20 so far. Lookie route is very difficult to guard because it is faster than the traditional 3-step tilt method, and it is located between and under different types of insurance.

In the past few years, the pistol’s elasticity has been one of my favorite running ways, and it has continued until this year, which is the best choice for this race.

Let’s take a closer look at how the game works and how can you get mut coins.

Before we throw the ball , we notice that our tilt receiver may not turn on because the corner is in the cover of people, and the safety of that side has been reduced into the frame.

We passed the ball behind the stretch. We can see that the obstacles ahead are well formed.

Our defenders are in front of us and we cut a big hole.

The defender blocked the only remaining defender.

We ended up with a simple touchdown.

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