Free Madden 20 Coins tips

In today’s free Madden 20 Coins tips, we’ll introduce an RPO that combines a very effective running style with a sloped back route.

If our opponent is over the right side of the field, we can quickly throw at the X / square receiver on the poe .

Let’s delve into it.

Script: Baltimore Raven

Formation: Pistol Strong

Play: Stretch Alert X Lookie

Setup: None required


  1. Lookie route to the outside WR
  2. Hand the ball off to the RB

Overview: This is a more effective form of RPO found in Madden 20 so far. Lookie route is very difficult to guard because it is faster than the traditional 3-step tilt method, and it is located between and under different types of insurance.

In the past few years, the pistol’s elasticity has been one of my favorite running ways, and it has continued until this year, which is the best choice for this race.

Let’s take a closer look at how the game works and how can you get mut coins.

Before we throw the ball , we notice that our tilt receiver may not turn on because the corner is in the cover of people, and the safety of that side has been reduced into the frame.

We passed the ball behind the stretch. We can see that the obstacles ahead are well formed.

Our defenders are in front of us and we cut a big hole.

The defender blocked the only remaining defender.

We ended up with a simple touchdown.

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Madden 20 and mut coins back to school

It’s not NCAA football, it’s the popular college football simulation EA, which stopped production after 2013, but it’s close enough. In one of Madden’s many game modes, players will choose a rising superstar and go to college. Only a few are available, such as Clemson, Florida, Oregon, Texas, and the University of Southern California. In addition, players can only gain college experience in the college football playoffs. They can participate in semi-finals or championship games. Even so, mut coins are still an interesting memory back in college.

Longshot is now synonymous with franchise

Players can go back to college through face franchising, which replaces longshot as Madden tries to build stories from a player’s perspective. It started with a high school student on national signature day. After graduating from college, he took part in the NFL League, a series of passing training, and then heard his fate on draft day.

From there, franchise faces acts like superstar, an option in the big bang that lets you create a player (or use current players) and guide them through their entire career. Special “missions” will pop up throughout the season to enhance your experience and teammates. Therefore, if the defender is not satisfied with his performance, you may have a “task”, you need to let him 100 yards and a touchdown to boost your team. Sometimes, this season, coaches or journalists will ask you questions to help you understand your legacy as an emerging NFL star.

One disadvantage here is that unlike most Madden modes, it allows you to control almost every player on the field, while face of France allows you to control only one player. This will be a problem when relying on AI teammates who are sometimes not so smart. It’s one thing to lose the pass, but it’s too much to have an open channel to run and actively look for a defender to deal with you.

Madden 20 coins are all about superstars

Another big attraction of the hit Madden 20 is the X-factor player. When players complete a specific feat in the game, their x factor is activated to give them an extra bonus. For example, if the saint quarterback drew Brees completes three consecutive passes of five yards or more, he will activate “fearless fear”, which will protect him from defensive pressure. If he is fired or the orb is turned over, he will lose factor X. It offers some extra benefits to the league’s top players and makes them more interesting.

Madden NFL 20 x factor skills guide

The new Madden NFL 20 championship, released a few days ago, is full of action and amazing new features. X factor function is one of the new elements, which is bound to make your game experience more real.

EA is trying to help star players stand out. Gamers are always awed by the elite and their unique abilities in the game. In addition, these skills are only available to the top 50 elite players on the Madden NFL 20 release day list.

There are a total of 20 of these skills, so it goes without saying that some players will eventually share their skills with others. In addition, not every team has players with these X-factor abilities, which further increases exclusivity.

The Madden NFL 20 x factor skills guide will cover the skills, how to unlock them, and players with those abilities.

Generally, if we only discuss the conventional way, there are only several types, such as winning the game, completing the task and defeating the opponent. Everyone will get some mut coins as rewards, but this way of getting mut 20 coins is very time-consuming. You need to make sure you have enough time and technical skills to pass in order to get some gold coins as rewards. Of course, this method is too painful for many players and will affect your game experience. The presence of a game dealer can help you solve this problem.

I don’t object to EA’s decision to ban the transaction of mut coins, which is completely understandable, but for many players, especially those who are short of time, if they don’t buy mut 20 coins through the dealer, their game progress will be very bad, so this is inevitable. If you need to buy, we suggest you go to vhpg to experience it. It’s really a great store choice, at least worth trying.

A new change in Madden NFL 20

There are some common and well-known defensive games in the game. One of them is people to people reporting, or just people reporting. In such a game, you will assign specific defenders or defenders to run backwards, close defenders or wider catchers. The assigned players will remain close to the attacking opponent until the end of the game.

If you find that players don’t cover up your teammates and scatter them, it may mean that they will play area defense. It’s a tough knuckle method, in attack you have to evaluate your readings and play accordingly.

Now, the key aspect of defense strategy is the use of assault tactics. As most of you know, there’s a lot of pressure on the quarterback in the defensive team, and a lot of people flock to the attacking quarterback. This will result in the quarterback rushing to pass or passing the orb incorrectly, or being robbed and losing control of the orb. This should be the preferred strategy in most games.

With regard to the route to take, you may benefit from formations like drag or keep in the interior area. A new change Madden NFL 20 introduced from previous games is how area coverage works. In earlier entries, quarterbacks rated the orb 91 or above and were intercepted by the orb (AI or other). Madden NFL 20 is not like this now, because only players with a score of 99 or higher can consistently achieve this feat.

The new defensive formation introduced in the game is also quite good. It’s called “big Nick” and can be found in almost all plays. This formation provides a defensive guard, rather than the usual four defenders, while the extra one can work as a guard and a guard at the same time.

Therefore, when there is an opportunity to buy Madden coins cheap, the hybrid defender can also run. Make sure that players with the best defense and data are placed in the slot as this is critical.

Another good defensive formation or setup is to have 4 pairs, 3 pairs in the wide 9 area, with inverted cover2. Base alignment is also effective here and often, because it will help you cover up your cover and defense formations for guesswork.

Next, use the left bumper or L1 to crash the D-line and move the right rocker down at the same time. You also need to put all linebackers in one area. To do this, press LB and move the right rocker up. Finally, you need to place the left center left in the dark blue area. This will ensure a credible defensive strategy.

Finally, if you don’t want to own property or attack, your best option when clocking is to prevent opponents from scoring.

While some matches in the dime and quarter formations go all out to prevent touchdowns, others mean that you have to manually enter commands to make sure the match is better.

Just press the right buttons in ascending order: L1 or LB > up > R1 or RB > up > triangle or y. This will make your defensive options more open and decentralized, thus avoiding touchdowns.

Madden 20 is popular in players’ computers

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